Rules and Regulations

Your membership swipe card gives you access to the club 24/7 and is also your means of switching on the court lights.

Please remember, we are a members’ club and all playing guests incur a fee of $7.50 unless they are members of one of the other clubs in Hawke’s Bay – HBLT, Hastings or Havelock North – and can prove this, if required.

Under the terms of the Club’s constitution please note:

4.8  Resignations
4.8.1  Any member may resign from the Club by giving notice of such in writing to the Secretary within fourteen (14) days of his annual 
4.8.2  Unless such notice is given such resigning member shall be liable to the Club for his or her subscription, provided that the General Committee shall have power in its discretion to accept the resignation of any member at any time and make such rebate or refund in his or her subscription as the General Committee deems right and proper.

5.    Subscriptions
5.1  All members of the Club (but not including Life Members) shall pay an annual subscription to the Club.
5.2  Subscriptions of new members must accompany their nomination form.
5.3  The Committee on the recommendation of the Annual General Meeting shall determine the subscriptions and shall have power to create family and other concessions.
5.4  The Committee shall have power to vary the subscriptions in special circumstances, to grant refunds and to arrange for short period subscriptions and memberships.
5.5  The Annual Subscription shall be due and payable to the Secretary on or before the anniversary of the member’s membership year.
5.6  A member shall be deemed to be financial until his subscription is in arrears one (1) calendar month