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Coaching Summary​​​​​​​

As a coach, I’m a well-organised, results-oriented, and goal-driven individual.

As an active player in the squash community, I’ve gained experience in the fundamentals of the sport, and I enjoy watching people improve and gain confidence on and off the court.

Currently, B1 squash player and have coached senior national teams, secondary national teams, and Junior national squads.


* * * * *

After many years of playing squash and utilising different coaches, I engaged John to sharpen up my game.

Hands down, he is the coach who has explained the fundamentals of squash and how to use the court in a way that makes sense to me and, importantly, in a way I can use during a game.

Moves I have always wanted to bring into my game are now commonplace.

It's exciting to feel my game improving even after a decade of playing.

I highly recommend John.


* * * * *

I have been getting coached by John for a while now, and my game has improved dramatically.

He has a deep knowledge of the game and a wide range of drills to turn your actions on the court into more points on the scoreboard.



2023 Squash NZ Development Coach of the Year

2022 Squash Eastern Performance Coach of the Year